Ancient Wisdom. Modern Twist.

Our mission is to make the awe-inspiring civilization of ancient Egypt tangible. We want you to feel the same nourishing and beneficial ingredients on your skin that they favored, to smell the same aromas infused in all parts of ancient Egyptian life, and to benefit from the wisdom of 3,000 years of sustained culture. 


With ingredients and scents drawn directly from ancient Egyptian papyri, we've combined our passion for history and our obsession with skincare to create a luxurious product line that's natural, effective and affordable. 


Formulated with the help of Egyptologists, our products are clean formulas free of harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances and hormone disrupting ingredients found in many of today's skincare products. We never test on animals, we guarantee the high quality of the products we make, and all products are made in the United States. Our products are a sensorial step back through time and we hope you enjoy the journey.