Wash Like An Egyptian

At RA EGYPTIAN our mission is to make the awe-inspiring civilization and history of ancient Egypt tangible through clean, sustainable beauty products developed with the help of Egyptologists. We draw our ingredients and scents directly from ancient Egyptian history and specifically tailor our products to restore the protective barrier over skin known as the acid mantle. Also called the "moisture barrier," this layer seals in moisture and nutrients to form a shield against harmful bacteria and toxins. Life events, seasons, stress and some skincare ingredients can disrupt this essential defense mechanism, leading to dryness, irritation, acne and even premature aging. When you rebuild the acid mantle, skin's natural radiance returns. 

We source ethically and use first press, cold processed oils to ensure our products have the highest possible nutrient levels. We never test on animals, we guarantee the high quality of the products we make, and all products are made in the United States. You can feel and see the difference in our products and in your own skin.