Sustainability Initiatives

At RA Egyptian we believe we all have a responsibility to our planet and the communities that inhabit it. Wherever possible we use organic, sustainable ingredients and we choose our sources not only for their high quality, but also for their impact on surrounding communities and the environment.


Desert Date Oil

Our desert date oil comes directly from a small province in Uganda, where local women harvest the desert dates and shell them by hand to produce this incredibly high quality oil. Not only do these women use the proceeds from the desert date harvest and oil production to provide critical income for food, shelter and education for their families, but they also actively fight devastating deforestation in the area by vigorously defending and tending their desert date trees.


Moringa Oil

Our moringa oil comes from a collective of more than 2,500 small farmers in Ghana. These famers produce moringa oil of exemplary quality, and the production of moringa oil and moringa powder has helped these farmers build critical income through sustainable farming to pull themselves from poverty. All moringa processing and production takes place in Accra, Ghana, adding value and creating jobs locally. Their organization has also planted 2,000,000 moringa trees to date.


Climate Change

We work directly with the Eden Reforestation Projects to ensure a tree is planted for every RA product purchased. The destruction of healthy forest systems causes a variety of complex and interconnected problems. Trees provide a habitat for animals, purify water sources, control flooding and erosion and help to replenish the soil with nutrients needed for farming. When farmers can’t grow anything their farms fail and they have no option but to move to the overcrowded cities looking for work. Often they have to resort to selling themselves or their families into slavery just to survive. Eden Reforestation Projects supports these farmers by providing much needed income, pulling them out of destitution while at the same time fighting climate change and degradation.



We strive to keep our packaging simple and made out of easily recyclable materials. We are constantly striving to improve our company at all levels, and almost all packaging and shipping materials are recyclable and/or made from recycled material. We also try to keep our environmental footprint low by using minimalist packaging in an effort to combat waste, and we will adhere to these core values as we develop additional products.